Welcome to a beautiful holiday in Tanzania

Stay in cosy cabins at Kilwa Dreams and live out your wildest dreams of safari, sports fishing and a real African adventure.

Kilwa Dreams is located by the ocean, far from big cities, and is therefore also a great place to go if you want to get lost in a stressfree, relaxing, beautiful corner of the world.

Kilwa Dreams aims to provide our guests with a good all-round experience – top quality at sensible prices. Our kitchens serve a wide range of good meals, always inspired by what the local market has to offer.

Kilwa Dreams is far from your typical 5 star hotel. At Kilwa Dreams you live close to the Africans ways, but of course with the basic accommodations all in order, for you to have a relaxing and comfortable holiday.

The history of Kilwa Dreams

Kilwa dreams was established in 2005 and was built by its owners, Peter Juhl (Denmark) and Gladys Rutihinda (Tanzania) together with invaluable help from the locals.

Everything was done manually, a caravan of local women carried water through the bush, sometimes up to 4,000 litres a day. The stones were shaped and pressed on the spot and baked dry by the sun.

15 tons of steel reinforcements were sawed using 25 Chinese hacksaws. More than 30 hammers were used, 36 spades and shovels and an awful lot of energy.